Natural Energy Komyo Reiki

Reiki and awakening to your potential

Reiki is a doorway that leads to healing the energetic, physical and spiritual bodies that make up who we are. The universe (uni – meaning one, and verse – meaning song) provides this free energy for the betterment of humankind. In addition, all practitioners bring different intentions to the reiki energy, my intention is to help clients reconnect with their true selves.

My goals with Reiki are not only to help individuals find healing, but to also go much deeper into the essence of who they truly are. Through practicing Reiki I have learned that this gift from the universe can help each one of us uncover the real person behind the mask that we wear and thereby awaken you to your potential.

Psychologists say that since the age of twelve we start creating stories about ourselves. These stories are based upon what we are told by often well intentioned parents, teachers, friends and others that come across our paths. As we grow, the stories grow as well until the person we become is nothing like the person that we truly are, bringing dis-ease and or dis-harmony in our life. Reiki can unlock the real you, return harmony, and open the door to your true passion and potential. Through Reiki you can reconnect with your authentic self and begin to live the life which you always intended to live.

I am excited by the people I meet and the passions that become aroused within them as we learn together how they need to move forward. This growth that takes place is never limited to each individual that I see, for just like that proverbial pebble that is cast into the pond, the ripple effects far more than we can imagine. As the world continues to change and grow, we all are empowered to blossom into the being we always intended to be.

Reiki is an amazing gift and I am blessed to be practicing it and honoured to be here now to meet all those desiring to pass through my door at this time and begin their personal journey towards health, awakening and understanding.
My door is available Monday through Friday each day of the week, look online at to see what time works best for you or call me personally at 780-603-6765.

Attunement Sessions are now also being offered. It is known that primordial sound, along with vibration, is the source for the creation of the entire universe. Sound therefore, is a very powerful force for manifestation. For thousands of years, sound was widely used in spiritual practice, worship and meditation. These activities resulted in many reaching positive understandings of self and even raising their own vibratory levels.

· Attunement therapy can quiet a busy mind.
· Assist us to find inner peace and calm.
· Establish a state of resonance and attunement with self.
· Enhance a state of presence and self-awareness.
· Trigger and enhance the ability to reach a dream state of mind