Rental Agreement

1. The Organization listed under “Organization” on the Rental Agreement form is identified in this policy as “The User”. Vegreville Holis-tic Centre is identified in this policy as “VHC”.

2. The Training Area measures approximately 1000 square feet. Users are advised to view the room to ensure it meets their needs.

3. Payment for Room Rental Must be made at the time of booking.

4. Users may utilize VHC point of sales machine to collect student fee’s for a charge – $10.00 per class +$0.07 & 4% per transaction.

5. A rental period is the entire time it takes to assemble your class and have them disperse from the room. In order to honor class sched-ules, we require that classes add an additional 15 minutes after class time to ensure the room is ready and available for the next renter. Ex: 1 hr class + 15 min after = 1.25 hr rental time.

6. The rental period includes the Training Area with no equipment, supplies or furnishings set up. The User must return the furnishings to the original set up once activity is complete.

7. The User is responsible for the set-up and strike down of tables, chairs and equipment.

8. VHC may arrange for set-up and strike down of chairs and tables for the User upon request:; a $80 set-up and strike down fee will apply – for these services. Requests for set-up or strike down of chairs and tables must be made at least one week in advance of the event date.

9. VHC has the right to decline booking requests at their discretion.

10. For after hour bookings, the User will be provided with the means to open and close the facility. The User may open the front door of VHC to enable students front access to the building. The User is responsible for ensuring that all students have left the premises, securing both the Front and Back door, and engaging the security system when leaving the premises. Arrangements will be made for the return of the facility key at the time of booking.

11. Washrooms are located in the main hall of VHC.

12. Clean, Indoor footwear ONLY in the building. The User is responsible for insuring students adhere to this standard and are responsible for sweeping the floor if outdoor/dirty shoes are utilized in the space. Should VHC be required to clean the floor after a class a $18.00 charge will apply.

13. The User will not permit any actions which may be deemed a nuisance, annoyance, or contrary to any Federal, Provincial or Municipal Law or regulation.

14. During the use and occupation of the said premises, the User will indemnify and save harmless Vegreville Holistic Centre and it’s staff and associates from any and all liability whatsoever resulting from injury or damage to any person, persons, or property by reason of, or as a result of, the use and occupation of the said premises, directly or indirectly, as herein set forth, or by reason of or as a result of the acts of it or its servants, agents or employees.

15. The User is responsible for the conduct of the participants at all times while the group is in the facility and the User will be held totally responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing lost or damaged equipment, supplies or furnishings.

16. Smoking is prohibited in VHC. Alcohol is not permitted on VHC property without the required licensing and arrangement prescribed by law. Copies of these licenses and arrangement must be provided with this rental agreement.

17. Supplies, beverages and food items are the responsibility of the User, as well as the clean up of these items. A fridge and sink are avail-able in the kitchen area.

18. Equipment available for use with the facility include approximately 35 chairs and approximately 14 tables, coffee pot and kettle. Addi-tional equipment may be available for use with the facility; additional charges may apply. Please inquirer at the time of booking.

19. Payment in full is due at time of booking.

20. Cancellation of the rental 7 or more business days in advance of the booking date will result in refund of payment, less 15% administra-tion fee. Bookings that are cancelled less than 7 Business days in advance of the booking date forfeit their payment in FULL.

21. Bookings will only be taken 1 year in advance.

The personal information collected on this form is used to manage the use of the Training Area at Vegreville Holistic Centre and collect fees for their use. This information is kept confidential and will only be shared with the named person or representatives of the named organization and staff and/or associates of VHC. It is collected under the authority of Section 329c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.