Val Miller.  Val offers fun and dynamic classes that balance strong movement with a healthy dose of relaxation and reflection.  Turn up the heat with Hot Yoga or wind down with Yin/Yang Flow.  See her website for a list of classes.
Georgina White.  Peaceful Flow is a gentle, holistic class for beginners and experienced yogis alike.  Find the balance of strength and ease with a focus on the breath. Georgina also offers registered Beginner Yoga sessions.
Darcie Sabados.  Ahh lovely way to end the week.  Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing practice.  This is a supported yoga practice that uses props to hold you in poses.  It provides you with an opportunity to relax and just “be”.

Claudine Lo. Kids yoga is a fun way to offer mindfulness to kids.  It develops flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness.  In addition it helps children feel calmer, confident and more relaxed.  Best suited for ages 5-9 but all welcome.


Sheila Steinbach, 

Sheila is a lifelong learner who has been involved in yoga for more than 10 years. Her Hatha Yoga classes are geared towards building students awareness to their body, mind and spirit. Her goal is a class that is gentle, geared towards relaxation, working within the students own comfortable capacity, at a gentle and mindful pace, beginning with centering, warm ups, breath work, the more active part of the class, the return to the mat, and final relaxation. The focus is not on perfection in the poses, (even though proper technique is strongly encouraged), but to progress the students comfortably at their own pace given their physical abilities. Sheila has her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification and is currently working towards her 500 hour Certification. She regularly attends yoga workshops and is happy to share what she learns with her class
To register call Vegmin 780-632-7920

Charlene Basiliadis.  Blissful Soul yoga is a great way to begin your day.  Centre in, calm your mind, energize your body with easy movement, strengthening, stretching and relaxation. The focus of this class is to promote self care and blissful soul awareness.