Perception of Reality

Your beliefs play a big role in your life. Your beliefs about the world, and yourself all work together to help you move through life in a congruent and purposeful manner. But what happens when your beliefs work against your goals, dreams, and desires in life? Very few of us have not experienced such sabotage, but even fewer have recognised the sabotage when it occurred. These people blamed the experience upon outside influences. Perhaps someone else was at fault or they claim; ‘I never get a break,’ or ‘everything is against me.’ The truth is that they sabotaged their own efforts, they did it to themselves.
Does this mean that we are then caught in a perpetual state of self-defeating endeavours? No, not at all and that is really the main intent of this conversation. The truth is, we do not have to become victims of beliefs that we have and their control over us. On the road to self-mastery, we learn how to take control of our beliefs, values, intentions and even our emotions. Through this we will control our journey through life and the reality we create.
How do we do this? You may ask. It starts by knowing that there is much more to us than you might have thought. We have been gifted with tools at our disposal that no one ever told us about. These tools have always been with us, we just did not know how to use them properly. Instead, we have been influenced to look to technology. We have been told that we need technology because we ourselves are inadequate. We need to be enhanced by A.I. (artificial intelligence) because we are no longer able to fight virus’s and disease. We need devices to communicate because we are unable to do this ourselves over distance. We are unable to connect intelligently to other people or places without the aid of A.I. We simply are not good enough!
This is all a lie. We have everything that we need within ourselves. It is organic and it is a part of our very being. We have been gifted a uniquely incredible brain that when properly comprehended and utilized with other incredible capabilities within our human body, is capable of doing anything an A.I. could ever hope to do…and so much more!
Let us start with this amazing mind and take a quick look at how it functions. First of all, there is the Conscious Mind and the Sub-Conscious Mind. The Conscious Mind is where thought resides, where our intention, thought and focus are, so we can deal with the things before us and reason, rationalise and choose actions, words, and other important functions. The Sub-Conscious Mind works behind the scenes taking care of all sub-routines and the more mundane tasks such as breathing, eating, walking etc.
As we look at our belief system, we need to know that beliefs first formed when we were children. We gained an understanding of the world through the eyes of the people in our life. Parents, teachers, family members, all played a role in giving us our beliefs regarding the world. These beliefs then shaped our perceptions, as we grew older so that we learn to see the world and our reality through the lens of understanding that we were given.
So, for instance if you grew up in a religious family, your world view would include God and perhaps the knowing that as a person you are unworthy and sinful. If your childhood was spent on the streets of a city and your family struggled financially and socially, your world view would be that life is harsh, and that you will never get enough money fairly. Perhaps you would also be callous towards those with money and affluence.
This is how your beliefs are formed and how they might frame your worldview. But as I have already stated you do not have to be bound by these beliefs. Another feature to our incredible mind is that we are capable of changing our beliefs and our values. If you comprehend the formula; thought + emotion (Heart Desire) + Intention = Mass, you realise that you are able to reshape your perceptions and thereby change your reality.
It has been proven, over and over again that if you believe you are going to die. You will die! Likewise, if you believe that you will live. You will live!
Your mind sends signals throughout the body that will always be in accordance with what you believe. So, if you do not like your worldview or if you are unhappy with life as it is revealed to you. You have the absolute power to change that reality, by changing your beliefs. It does not matter what your circumstances, health, or financial state is. You have the power!
You change your beliefs by reprogramming your mind and using the formula mentioned above. Daily affirmations pertaining to the new belief, and applying the emotion with intention, will manifest that intention. Next you bring your life into harmony with this new belief through action. This is an opportunity for you to express gratitude for the changes taking place in your life. You can feel the changes occurring by being present and aware through the entire process, so your mind engages fully with this new thought and action.
There is much more to discuss but I will save that for future conversations. We do not know, what we do not know!
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