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I specialized in neck/shoulder pain, and sciatic nerve pain using therapeutic techniques and cupping clients have experienced dynamic results regarding frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic neck pain and sciatic nerve pain. 

Treatment includes an assessment of your condition to derive an effective treatment plan to give you the best results and exercises to strengthen muscle imbalances and stretches to help alleviate muscle tension.   You may have homework after a session but don't worry there is no test. 

Therapeutic massage address tight muscles, pain, creates better range of motion in joints - with maintenance and can improve mobility.
Relaxation techniques improve sleep, overall well being, improve circulation and reduce stress.
Pregnancy massage helps to reduce the tummy after delivery and deals with discomfort during pregnancy, may improve sleep and overall well-being.

Dynamic cupping can help alleviate muscle tension, pain, postural imbalances, negative effects of fascia and scar adhesions, inflammation, nerve entrapment, joint pain, discomfort and compression, and restricted range of motion. Dynamic cupping can cause marking this marking is the blood pooling which causes congestion and improves circulation to the cupped area. Great for chronic conditions may result in deep long lasting results!

Energy Services:
Usui Reiki is a hands on, ancient Japanese healing technique which relaxes and reduces stress in your body bringing it back to it's natural healing state. I have my  Teacher/Masters Level and I have been practicing for 10 years plus.  Reiki may open the door to healing. 

Access Bars session may help remove limiting belief systems and old thought patterns which you bought into throughout your life.  Activating the bars - a sequence of 32 points on the cranium -  coupled with a clearing statement may create new possibilities. Change your thinking change your life!

Tong Ren is a highly targeted method of directing healing energy to the body. It is based on acupuncture points and meridians and is a gentle treatment.  It is tapping a process performed on a Tong Ren doll.  

~Please arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment, as there will be a brief consultation and assessment to determine an effective treatment plan and assess your progress~

DIRECT BILLING is available for Bluecross, Sunlife, Canada Life, Greenshield, Manulife, Co-operators, Chamber of Commerce & more.
Restrictions may apply to your coverage as not all companies provide direct billing.

PRICES PLUS GST to be added.

I accept: Cash, Debit, E-transfer, Visa, & Mastercard